Welcome To Reantira Events & Projects

Reantira’s vision is to be a leading provider in services, supply and an events management company in the Mpumalanga Province and greater Republic of South Africa.



If your event needs to be properly conceived and executed to deliver tangible results, Reantira is your answer. The Reantira team is able to provide a full-service event management experience that includes Project administration and management.

TV Productions

• Conceptualisation of ideas and Creation of video and audio productions;
• Conceptualisation and Production of Television shows;
• Conceptualisation and Production of radio advertisements and promotions; and
• Conceptualisation and Production of films.



-Billboard Advertising

-Brand Awareness (print, radio and TV)



-Logo designs
-Car decals
-Uniform and clothing
-Corporate gear
-Wall banners
-Personalized stickers



  • Concerts
  • Social
  • Summits/Workshops/Exhibitions
  • Galla Events
  • Team Building
  • Travel (Road trips)

About Reantira Events & Projects

Reantira Events and Projects (Pty) Ltd (Reantira) is a company that consists of 1 director (Ezra Mzikayise Ndhlovu and is a 100% black owned company. Reantira originates from Emalahleni Local Municipality where the company acts as a multi-­ disciplinary company able to execute tasks which are scaled for small to medium size operations. It is a company with excellent performance in technical and entrepreneurial skills, and also has established and plays a role in community development.

Reantira is a service provision organization for the business community, government departments and private sector organisations. The company is being built through hard work and is being crafted to perfection by professionalism. Reantira is a full service event management firm based in Emalahleni Local Municipality of the Mpumalanga Province that was registered in 2014 and created by pairing together our passion for company and events.


Reantira’s vision is to be a leading provider in services, supply and an events management company in the Mpumalanga Province and greater Republic of South Africa. It is also the prerogative of the company to provide exceptional safety standards for any working activity taking place, and deliver exceptional quality service that Reantira has to offer.


Reantira’s mission is to maximize the value of resources for the benefit of the clients. It is to increase the quality of service in the industry of the chosen company path for the benefit of public and private sector organisations, in the most cost effective, conservative and environmentally friendly methods, so as to foster the result of providing more skills, job creation and playing an integral part in socio-economic growth for the province and the country.


Reantira prescribes to the labour regulations as laid down by the labour Act. A committee comprising of a fair representation of both the employees and the employer will deal with disputes. Should the matter reach a deadlock, the employee should exercise his/her rights and refer the matter to the CCMA or a relevant statutory body. All employees of the company will sign a contract, which shall clearly state the expectations of the company and any matters relating to labour relations, code of conduct and the constitution of the company.

We approach every project with meticulous attention to detail and obsessive precision. Regardless of size and scope, we treat your event like a company with clear strategic goals, defined milestones, and a comprehensive plan to ensure that your event is delivered on time and on budget. At Reantira, we put your organization first. We learn about your company, we focus on your challenges, and we plan events to support your goals.

Laser sharp focus, unparalleled professionalism and exceptional service means clients can trust that their event is in capable hands.


-It has been resolved that each partner and future employee of Reantira undertakes to abide by the following philosophy:

-To bring quality control and operations in services for the consumer and client interface.

To ensure that the labour force goes home safe and feeling productive and constructive in their jobs.

-To instill the culture and ethics of job creation and participation in the mainstream of the economy.

-Conduct company with honesty, integrity, transparency and diligence.

Endeavour to provide personal service and empathy to clients across the spectrum.

Embrace continuous improvement of operations and service through training on new work methods and keeping abreast with technological trends in production and service delivery.

-Treat all stakeholders with dignity and respect.

Allow customers to define quality and thrive to consistently match their expectations.